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May 28, 2013 - SDS Awarded Multi-Year Contract to Enhance Virtual Testbed For The US Army


SDS International (SDS) has been awarded a competitive, multiyear contract by the US Army Natick Soldier Research Development and Engineering Center (NSRDEC), Natick, MA, to enhance the Interactive Small Combat Unit-in-the-Loop Laboratory (ISCULL) Virtual Testbed (VTB) developed and improved by SDS and NSRDEC under earlier contracts. Under this contract, SDS’ Advanced Technologies Division, Orlando FL, will design, develop, integrate and install virtual simulation components to enhance the assessment of US Army Technology, Systems & Program Integration Directorate (TSPID) and Technology-enabled Capability Demonstration (TeCD) components. As such, SDS will leverage the existing ISCULL virtual environment and implement enhancements to increase fidelity required by emerging technology maturation within TSPID and NSRDED TeCDs.

ISCULL enhancements will focus on the following. Developing a Virtual Command Outpost (VCOP) tool that will allow users to build high fidelity base camps for high fidelity scenario assessments in the ISCULL. This includes the ability to rapidly visualize virtual structure environments and quickly identify challenges associated with the corresponding real-world locations. Developing real world terrains, 3D models and scenarios to be used as component assessment tools for constantly maturing Soldier-borne system and TeCD component capabilities; and providing the ability for ISCULL users to create complex scenario vignettes needed to support assessment activities. It also includes improving the current ISCULL by developing a high-fidelity virtual environment capable of visualizing Soldier trauma (ballistics, burn, muscular skeletal problems, etc.); improving the testbed’s UAV, UGV, sensor and networking capabilities; and developing and integrating a visualization engine for the End User Device (EUD) to drive emerging information portal and Soldier-borne displays including augmented reality displays. The resultant virtual image generation capabilities will also be capable of addressing specific dismounted soldier challenges such as keeping complete situational awareness of all pertinent friendly/hostile forces foreign nationals, equipment, recent tactical data and significant activities.

SDS will provide the above capabilities by leveraging current testbed capabilities provided by SDS’ AAcuity® First Person Shooter simulation which functions as individual soldiers; AAcuity® Image Generator software which provides highly realistic virtual scene components (databases, 3D models, environmental/special effects, etc.); LIFE-based Artificially Intelligent (AI)-driven scene content software which provides realistic scenario vignettes; and ROVATTS™-based UAS, UGV and sensor simulations.