CYBORG physics based simulation engine offers an impressive array of cutting edge simulation technologies at reasonable cost.......more


CYBORG Physics Demonstration








ROVATTS (Remotely Operated Vehicle Adaptable Training/Tracking Systems) --- The ROVATTS approach provides a low-cost, PC-based simulation capability with a robust, reconfigurable architecture that allows the development of virtually any (air, ground or sea-based) UVS simulator for R&D, T&E, and Training/Mission Rehearsal applications whether stand-alone or distributed......more




  • ROVATTS - MQ-9 MTD-LITE Simulator (Coming Soon)




LiteFlite® Reconfigurable Flight Simulators provides low-cost, high-fidelity reconfigurable platforms that allow crews to train and practice in individual and networked team training environments with high-fidelity aero, weapons and OTW visual and sensor scenes.......more


LiteFlite® Carrier Operations





Hero-FPS (First Person Shooter) enables the user to become a first-person simulator operating in stand-alone (self-contained) or networked (distributed) exercise modes to support a variety of research and development, hardware-in-the-loop testing, and individual / team training requirements.....more





LIFE - based scene content allows customers to experience realistic virtual-worlds, “alive” with content, while executing scenario-based training using SDS’ extensive simulation products . No longer are crews forced to scan a barren landscape dotted with minimal amounts of entities. Instead they are immersed in a virtual environment teaming with activity that replicates the real world. Whether it’s insurgents emplacing IEDs, children playing soccer or following a vehicle through a traffic jam in a major city, LIFE provides a means to create realistic and challenging environments well suited for training crew members who are involved in conducting reconnaissance/surveillance, gathering intelligence and/or employing weapons......more


Arizona Border Crossing




DirtMover is a low cost database production suite of tools.  It has a simple to use and easy to learn interface for both Programmers & Artists.....more




GeoSource-RTB (Rapid Terrain Builder) enables warfighters to rapidly create (within hours) round-earth visual / sensor databases with “to-the-horizon” rendering for training, mission rehearsal, and operational use.....more




Real-World Databases are PC-focused and OpenFlight / TerraPage compatible.  Available baseline products include geo-typical and geo-specific visual / sensor databases and fully-correlated CTDB for SAF environments......more



Real-World Visual Models set a new standard in realism and functionality for virtual training environments.  Available baseline products include a variety of realistically photo-textured, multiple level-of-detail vehicles for air, space, land and maritime-based applications......more




Spectator (NEXWARS) includes advanced stealth features for direct connection to a variety of simulation hosts (including SDS’ LiteFlite® Reconfigurable Simulator and ROVATTS UVS Simulators) through HLA / DIS networks and operational interfaces such as OTH-Gold.......more




Indirect Fire-Forward Air Control Trainer
World’s First Commercially Available Terminal Attack Control System.....more