CYBORG Game Engine Quick Look
Demonstrates the following pc-based, real-time, 3D simulation features: A.I. Content, Sensors (IR, II, IR Fuzed), Databases (Nowzad, Afghanistan - Baghdad, Iraq - Grand Forks AFB, ND - Lochiel, AZ), Particle Effects, Environmental Effects (Lightning, Rain, Snow, Time of Day, Shadows), 3D Ocean & Sea States, High Fidelity Open Flight Models and various forms of Lighting (light points, pixel shaders, light maps).
Tags: pc-based real-time "3D simulation" A.I. Sensors IR II "IR Fuzed" Nowzad Afghanistan Baghdad Iraq "Grand Forks AFB" Lochiel "Particle Effects" "Environmental Effects" Lightning Rain Snow "Time of Day" Shadows "3D Ocean" "Sea States" "High Fidelity" "Open Flight Models" "light points" "pixel shaders" "light maps" Software  
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